On Assignment for The Wall Street Journal: “How ‘eDNA’ Might Transform the Search for Missing Service Members”

On Assignment for The Wall Street Journal: “How ‘eDNA’ Might Transform the Search for Missing Service Members”

In the span of only a few days, I went from receiving a photo assignment from The Wall Street Journal, to feeling Lake Huron spray hit my face as we sped toward shipwreck Pewabic, trying to beat inclement weather. As a freelance photographer, when I’m 

Why it’s Important to Consider Yourself a Photographer

Call it foolish, or maybe it’s the result of being raised to be humble—I think it’s a Midwestern thing, but it took me far longer than it should have for me to consider myself a photographer. As I was exploring the craft of photography, I 

Why Fujifilm 200 is an Excellent Choice

When it comes to photography, especially film photography, I keep my equipment as consistent and simple as possible. The less one has to think about while taking pictures, the better. Kodak Portra 400 35mm (the 120 is great too, I just don’t use as much 

Voyaging: A Quick Morning Photo Walk in Denver, Colorado

On our most recent trip to Denver, Colorado, we stayed in the recently-opened Hyatt Centric Downtown Denver. The rooms are beautiful and it’s within walking distance of Union Station, which is where we depart the train after arriving from the airport. Downtown Denver is fantastic 

Finding Calm, and Photographs, in Trout Lake, Michigan

It was a Friday afternoon and we drove north after shortened work days, which are the best work days. We traversed the Straits of Mackinac via the 5-mile long Mackinac Bridge. Our stomachs were rumbling so we decided to stop at the Village Inn in 

Why The Leica M6 is the Perfect Camera (But,You Don’t Need One)

Photography is a personal creative journey. On our journey we should select a tool that will help us along the way. When it comes to cameras, the options can easily become overwhelming. Megapixels, pixel size, lenses, weatherproofing, DxO scores, and on and on are discussed. 

Voyaging: White Cloud, Michigan

There are times when the need to create burns inside. If that need, that feeling, wasn’t there, life would be so much easier. But, life wouldn’t be as beautiful and fulfilling. I suppose this is the artist’s dilemma. One of them anyway. If I haven’t 

Voyaging: Houghton, Michigan

To drive into Houghton, Michigan—a small college (Michigan Technological University) town in Michigan’s upper peninsula (U.P.)—is to be welcomed by a tidy, small-business-filled-main-street downtown. It had been years since I’d been there. It didn’t look like a lot had changed, but that’s a good thing. 

Why You Should Always Carry A Camera

When I was going to school for photojournalism, the importance of constantly having an image-making device prepared to photograph was made very clear. Having a camera always ready means that whenever something happens where you’re at, you’ll be able to document it. I remember biking 

Voyaging: Vacationing on the Keweenaw Peninsula with an iPhone and Photo Tips for You

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula —the U.P.—is a wilderness playground that is as vast and varied as the rocks on its beaches. Every year, we make it a point to find a destination there and stay for a week with family. It’s a fun-filled time filled with