The Empire Hill Climb Revival

The Empire Hill Climb Revival

An Epic Race Returns Let me tell you about Wilco Road: It’s a narrow, tree-lined road with high banks and a bevy of turns that connects the village of Empire to the Empire Bluffs trailhead at the top of the hill. It’s steep and short—I’ll 

The Last Dairy Farm in Leelanau County

Documenting a Fading Way of Life in Northern Michigan As is the case with a lot of tips and information gathering in northern Michigan, I was talking with someone in a bar. This wasn’t just any bar though, it was Dick’s Pour House in the 

Surf Photography in Michigan

Surf’s Up! Michigan is a funny place; if there’s a way to have fun doing something—no matter the weather— it’ll be done. Recreation-wise, it’s a one-stop shop playground: four seasons and infinite terrain from sand dunes to woods and rivers. Water provides a host of 

Iceman Cometh Challenge on 35mm Film

The Biggest Single-Day Mountain Bike Race in the U.S. The saying goes,”If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” In northern Michigan that weather could mean a 40-degree temperature fluctuation, rain, sun, snow…all of it, in one day. Add a 29-mile course of Michigan 

A Summer Weekend in Detroit, Mich.

The Motor City Detroit is a giving city. It’s given us techno, assembly lines, Motown, the auto industry, Diana Ross, Jack White, Eminem, Sheefy Mcfly and an infinite number of other artists, chefs, tradespeople and good, hardworking folk. Various lists ranking cities based on size, 

Voyaging: The Treaty Fish Co., Peshawbestown, Mich.

Ed and Cindi John The temperature was well below freezing and the wind was making sure it stayed that way. As my boots made the crunch…crunch…through snow and ice while trudging toward a fishing boat, a seagull delivered a side-eye glance to see if I’d 

On Assignment: Muskegon, Mich. for The Wall Street Journal

In the springtime, I’d photographed subjects, places and people relating to the coronavirus. Those photos were self assigned, as I wanted to visually document what I could during that time. The benefits of self assigning myself that work was that I had the convenience of 

“Street” Portraits and Winter Diving from Black Rocks

Before COVID-19 was an everyday topic, I made a trip to a picturesque town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula called Marquette, situated on the mighty Lake Superior. Occasionally, I need to travel outside of my all-too-familiar surroundings and immerse myself in another community. It could be 

Make the Most of Your Photo Time

It had been about three days of photographing in Michigan’s spectacular Upper Peninsula during a recent expedition and the extended weekend of visuals was extremely fulfilling. As dream-filled as this sounds, and it is amazing, long days , little sleep and cold weather does take 

Mackinac Island, MI w/ Some Pro Tips

Island Street Photography in Winter Mackinac Island is well-known for many things: horses everywhere; numerous fudge shops and the Grand Hotel, just to name a few. In the summer, tourists by the many travel there by ferry to take in the sights and sites. Cars