Keith King

Creating, inspiring—while being inspired, too—and learning as a photographer continues to be a fulfilling force in my life. I have a degree, as well as years of experience, in photojournalism. But, it's other artists and life that has shaped me the most. Each day is new and different; tomorrow is not guaranteed. Art is beautiful.

Voyaging: Manistee County Fair

Bump-n-Run When the Manistee County Fair Bump-n-Run came to my attention on an online calendar of events, I knew there were busted metal and brave drivers in my near future. When there are no paying photo assignments coming your way or if you simply want to keep your photography well-oiled—as one should since like anything, …

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Sunday Winter Voyage: Finding Color

Let’s raise our cameras, whatever they may be, and give each other a pat on the back for venturing out into whatever weather conditions we’re facing and making photos. This isn’t directed at only those of you in cold climates either. Sahara-like heat with stifling humidity presents it’s own sets of challenges for sure. The …

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Tips for Street Photography in a Small Town

French photojournalist and street photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson coined and mastered the ‘decisive moment’ in the storied districts of Paris and throughout the world. With a body of photographic work that includes images oozing with form, geometry and composion, it’s a portfolio to behold, to say the least. In my green beginnings it was Cartier-Bresson’s work …

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5 Tips for Approaching People and Making Their Portrait

Starting out as a street photographer and fly-on-the-wall photojournalist, it took me some time before I realized the beauty and importance of portraiture. Once my eyes were opened to the power and fulfillment of portrait photography though, I couldn’t imagine going back to a time when I didn’t love it. Photographers like Dan Winters, Diane …

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On Assignment: Cherry Industry for The Wall Street Journal

Photojournalism. To some, the word conjures images of heartless paparazzi, or maybe flash-bulb blasting members of the press sharpening their elbows as they fight for position while wearing trench coats and fedoras—with hatband ‘press’ card for proper measure—and most-likely some type of tobacco vessel in puff during the scrum. When I expressed interest in photojournalism …

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Hello friends and welcome to my blog, Village Voyager. My name is Keith King and I’m a photographer in the northwest, lower peninsula, of Michigan. It is my hope that this blog provides a space for all, including me, to be inspired, to grow and to learn. Village Voyager has some meanings behind it that …

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