Ways to be Creative During the Summer

Ways to be Creative During the Summer

The creative journey is different for everyone. It can be a slow ascent, then a whiplash-fast descent and everything in-between, and then it can change again. And that’s okay, because it’s all part of that journey.

Do not fret fellow creatives. There are ways to pause, create and feel fulfilled.

Greenery is in full green around Michigan. Tourists and seasonal residents have arrived to experience the area in its peak season of beauty. Summer in northern Michigan is so gorgeous that it makes one forget that ice, snow and clouds spend more time in the skies than sun.

Due to the beauty and warmth of summer, that also means that it becomes incredibly busy. Obligations, chores and family require time that all takes away from making pictures, writing words, crafting textiles or whatever your chosen creative pursuit may be.

Leland, Michigan
Camera: iPhone 13

In fact, summer can be one of the times where my creative output is put to the test. If you blink, the month is gone. Summer used to threaten to be one of my least creative times. Thankfully, I employed some simple tips to keep that from happening.

This leads me to my first tip about how to be creative during the summer…

1) Make Time for Yourself

This is the most important point on this entire post. If you don’t make time for yourself, no one else will.

Schedule a block of time that you’ll use to do what fulfills you.

Once you have a dedicated window that belongs only to you, it’s not only empowering, but you’ll also find that it gives you permission to do what you enjoy doing.

2) Don’t Overthink Things

This is one of the most challenging aspects of the creative process for me. Before heading out to take pictures, I can fall down a rabbit hole of decisions. Decisions like: What camera should I bring? Where should I go? What should I photograph?


I’ve learned to simply choose something, quickly, and then act on and be accepting of that decision.

A perfect example is that recently I’ve not been taking as many photos as I normally do. With my iPhone in hand, though, it’s easier than ever to take pictures.

Leland, Michigan
Camera: iPhone 13

Whenever someone asks me if a cell phone can take good pictures, I answer with a resounding “Yes.”

Photographing with a cell phone is so convenient, and the quality is at such a high level, there’s no excuse to not use it, if using nothing else.

3) Don’t Wait for the Perfect Time to Create

If you wait for a perfect time to create, you risk the danger of not creating. Try to get outside of your head and have fun with taking pictures.

One aspect of photography that I’ve noticed is that once I take some photos, the rest become easier. By starting out taking pictures, you’re basically priming the creative pump. Once you’ve taken some pictures, the rest tend to come easier.

In this post, you’ll see some images that I made recently with my iPhone. I’d love to have a long-term project to post here or a photo essay of something meaningful that I photographed with my film camera. But, I don’t have those things at the moment.

What I do have on me is an iPhone though. Boom, there you have it.

I made some photos at varying times throughout my workweek and at different times during any given day so that, even though the days were busy, I was taking photos. The photos on this post are the results of those captures.

Some of the photos posted here are during errands and some are taken during my lunch hour at work. One was taken ten minutes ago, as I’m listening to some Tom Petty on vinyl on this beautiful Sunday evening.

Traverse City, Michigan
Camera: iPhone 13

To close, try to find a plan that work for you and with your schedule. One of the most important aspects of creating is that you need to tailor your schedule to you. Carve out some time, even if it’s a few minutes a day, and soon you’ll find yourself more fulfilled as you make time for yourself to create.

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2 thoughts on “Ways to be Creative During the Summer”

  • Great advice. Mid-winter here now, and I have been out with the camera a lot over the last couple of weeks. Summer can certainly be less inspiring! Love that classic Hi-Fi gear, I am still using my TEAC Direct Drive turntable that I bought in 1982, although I have had two amplifiers since then!

    • Hi Steve, way to get out there with your cameras no matter what! Your blog is a testament that there’s always something interesting to photograph. It’s not only inspirational, but informative as well. Also, here’s to classic turntables! Thanks so much for your comment Steve.

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