Quiet Moments in Three Rivers, Michigan

When the weekend that we would travel toward Illinois and the mighty Mississippi River drew near, we knew that the eight-hour voyage by car would require us to find a stopover. Breaking up any trip makes it more enjoyable, so that’s exactly what we did.

Our first step was to pull up maps on our phones to see where we should land for a night. We found a place only three hours from home and five hours from the destination. That place was Three Rivers, Michigan.

Three Rivers, Michigan

Once we began to approach the small, but historic and beautiful, small town, it was apparent that we were entering someplace special. Tall, old trees lined the road we were driving in on. Large homes hearkened back to a thriving and Victorian time, yet the community remained tight-knit and wonderful.

Covid-19 has effected so much and so many, Three Rivers was not an exception. Many of the businesses in the downtown district were closed. Like a beacon of hope to weary travelers, the Landmark Taphouse and Grill beckoned us to enter. The fact that it was open and we were hungry (and thirsty) was reason enough to direct our gait toward its doors.

Three Rivers, Michigan

When we peaked our eyeballs inside, the staff was cleaning the floors and placing chairs upside down on tables, a sure sign of closure. The staff assured us that they were indeed open though, and they didn’t hesitate to be as accommodating as possible. Our stomachs filled with local brews and avocado fries (they are as amazing as they sound), we ventured forth toward our B&B.

Sure, it would be easy to find a budget lodge for a night. We could head to TripAdvisor and ind the #1 value for a place to stay. But, ours was a road-trip adventure, so we decided to kick our boots off at a place focused on doing so: a bed and breakfast. I’m so glad we did.

The home we stayed at could not have been more relaxing. Everything about the house was welcoming: It was a quiet neighborhood; the house was well-appointed and it was extremely clean.

Three Rivers, Michigan

We poured ourselves some bourbon—it was Angel’s Envy, but almost anything would be fine—and propped our feet on the porch wall whilst listening to neighborhood sounds from insects and birds.

Three Rivers, Michigan

It was fun exploring this quaint town in southwest Michigan. Three Rivers was like so many towns in Michigan, and beyond. It was bustling at one time and is no longer. But, it retains heaps of charm and potential. Being in such a place feels right and relaxing. I encourage you to travel to an area near you that you’ve never visited and maybe you’ll discover something new and intriguing.

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