A Foggy Afternoon in Leland, Michigan

Fog is some of, maybe the, best light. They—or at least, someone—say that bad weather makes good photos. This is true. But, foggy weather makes the best photos. It’s subdued and moody. Colors pop and objects in the distance disappear in fog’s cloak of precipitation.

Combine fog’s ability to enhance any photographic situation, with my proximity to Fishtown, in Leland, Michigan, and a recipe for ethereal images has been made.

Leland, Michigan
Camera: iPhone 13

The temptation was strong to sit in my car, heater set at 71 degrees Fahrenheit, and eat soup. The temptation to photograph this quaint town in all it’s diffused-light glory was stronger.

Here’s an important photographic lesson: If you’re wondering whether or not you should photograph—do it. To not take pictures, and wish you had later, is terrible.

The Leland River travels from Lake Leelanau, past a marina, restaurant and riverfront homes, before it rushes over a dam and makes its way toward Lake Michigan. Salmon try their best to go in the opposite direction of the river once their instincts tell them to do so in the fall.

On this particular day though, there were no salmon. There also weren’t the crowds of people who descend on this picturesque place between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The quiet of Leland was a reminder of how it had been for the countless years before it had become a vacation destination, and second-home summer place for those financially able.

Leland, Michigan
Camera: iPhone 13

My time making pictures was less than a half an hour. But, the images will last forever and that’s what art is about. Once you create something, it’s yours and it’s out into the world, or universe or cosmos, or wherever it goes.

Make time to photograph. Make time for art.

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