Hiking Pyramid Point with iPhone

Hiking Pyramid Point with iPhone

Do you have an escape? A place where you can be where you can clear your head and time can be controlled by you? For us, our escape is the shores of Lake Michigan. The Big Lake has captivated and allured me since I was a boy. Looking far out over the blue water, the logical side of me knows that Wisconsin isn’t too far to the west. But, with nothing but Lake Michigan waters for as far as the eyes can see, it may as well be an endless horizon.

Pyramid Point Trail

With some afternoon time in our pocket, Meg and I decided to use it by driving 45 minutes to Pyramid Point, an incredible hiking location within the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, and take a Sunday hike.

As soon as we exited our vehicle, the silence was palpable. The sound of robins echoed close by. The significance of a quiet day near Lake Michigan is that almost every excursion here is accompanied by a soundtrack of constant wind. The prevailing wind from the west is either mild or mighty, but, it’s always there. Not on this day, though.

It’s only about a half mile from the trailhead to the point but we extended our hike by stopping every so often to enjoy the rare quiet along the lakeshore.

Approaching the Pyramid Point lookout is not unlike approaching any other grand vista. You know how you can feel the excitement when you enter an arena before a show and then you start to view the main event space through concourses and corridors? That’s how this is.

Lake Michigan is the first thing to come into view. Then, the Manitou Islands are evident. Eventually, you’ll find yourself on a high, sandy vantage point, looking out into the seemingly endless watery distance.

While taking in the majestic view by ourselves ( also a rarity in this national park), a family arrived alongside us.

A child they were with began to hike around the dune and I used this opportunity to include the child in some landscape images. What’s nice about this is that a person always enhances such a scene because it provides scale.

Pyramid Point Trail

After taking in the calm, sand and serenity, we hiked back to our vehicle, stopping every to often to enjoy the silence, and made to a nearby beach before departing for home.

This afternoon was beautiful for many reasons. We could’ve chosen to stay at home and complete some house projects. Instead, we chose to experience all that fresh air and nature provides, which is a lot. Part of me wanted to keep the moments and scenes to myself and not share them at all.

To document our afternoon sojourn though, allowed me to preserve some of the beauty we encountered and share it with you.

Pyramid Point Trail

The takeaway here is that it can be rewarding to seize your day, moment or minute. Make sure to prioritize outside escapes whenever possible. And, to document outings (however big or small) allows one to enjoy the moments later.

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  • Thank you! My wife and I have just returned from a short break in the wilderness areas of our nearby Fiordland National Park. Very rejuvenating, and I am looking forward to having scans back from the lab hopefully tomorrow!

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