The Importance of Taking a Different Road

The Importance of Taking a Different Road

It’s so easy to take a route we’re used to. And, why wouldn’t you? After all, you may have figured out the absolute fastest way to get to where you’re going.

The time to stop this is now…sometimes. Mix it up every once in a while.

Not only will you stimulate your brain, but you’ll give your eyes something new to look at. Exploring a new territory can heighten your senses because discovery is taking place, instead of the senses going into a dormant state from seeing the same things.

This happened last weekend while we were on our way to a snowshoe destination—the Michigan Legacy Art Park.

Michigan Legacy Art Park—Thompsonville, Michigan
Camera: iPhone 13

We’ve traveled near this spot for years. But, this year my partner Meg suggested we take a different road. The prospects of what we may see that we’ve never witnessed before was intriguing—it always is.

As soon as we turned east off of the main road, a barn and fenced area with beautiful horses—they appeared to be Belgian draft, but I’m not certain—were directly in front of us. It was a tranquil scene as we shared glances with the horses and a cold March breeze cut through our vehicle, immersing us even more into the scene before us.

Manistee County, Michigan
Camera: iPhone 13

We traveled on down a picturesque country road, enjoying each new-found (to us) mile of vistas and trees, as well as more animals and farms, before arriving to our snow-hiking destination.

The destination was snowy and beautiful, while the journey was exceptional.

Let this be a reminder to take a road, path, sidewalk, etc., to a different route outside of your comfortable and familiar zone of travel, it’ll be worth it.

Photo Notes

My camera of choice for this trip was my iPhone. I’ve been using it often because it’s so extremely fast, convenient and portable.

This is not a device deserving of even the slightest guffaw. It’s a serious photographic tool.

2 thoughts on “The Importance of Taking a Different Road”

  • Yes! This morning I traveled two and a half hours for a meeting, back again this afternoon. I broke my usual habit of throwing my camera bag in the car whenever I go out. I also left a little late, allowing no time to stop. The sunrise was stunning, with patches of mist on the rural landscape, and I zoomed past amazing image after amazing image…..made a small diversion on the way home, but, again, no camera. Must try out the camera in my new Galaxy phone I guess 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment Steve! If you don’t have your camera bag, incredible visual feasts take place before the eyes. It’s a rule…somewhere. If you want amazing things to happen, just forget or don’t bring your camera. Sometimes though, seeing those images can make us better photographers, or at least better visual appreciators. More and more I’ve been using my camera phone. It’s crazy portable and the quality is there. You’ll definitely have to try out your new Galaxy phone!

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