An Easy Way to Kick-Start Your Photography (Creativity)

An Easy Way to Kick-Start Your Photography (Creativity)

Life can get really hectic sometimes. Work and sleep alone takes up such a large portion of a day, it may seem like there’s no time to even brush your teeth, let alone create something meaningful.

Worry not my creative friends!

Quite simply, the way to stay creative is to do it.

My days have been extremely busy, before I know it I’ve hardly made any images. I get “itchy” and can tell when it’s been too long since I’ve photographed. After having had enough of blaming outside factors, I arrived at the conclusion that if I want to be more productive with art and photography, it’s time to do something proactive about it.

Fishtown—Leland, Michigan

So I took charge of the time in my day and found a way to stay creative through photography. What I did was make a conscious effort to take pictures.

The schedule may be tight, time may be limited and surroundings may be an inspiration killer, but make some time to photograph (or be creative for you, however that looks), and you’ll be satisfying that burning desire to create.

An example of this is that I was recently in a small fishing village nearby called Fishtown. My time was limited, it was cold outside and all I had was my iPhone.

Fishtown—Leland, Michigan

Instead of thinking, “Well since it’s all working against me, I’m going to head home.”, I flipped it around and realized that I’m in a unique place with a camera—it doesn’t matter what kind—so it’s time to get creative.

After walking through Fishtown and making images, it felt freeing to have made that time to create.

If you’re serious about creating or want to figure out how to create, despite a busy schedule, live in the moment and make it a priority to be create whenever possible. Sometimes, our thoughts can be defeating so it’s important to recognize it and overcome that.

Fishtown—Leland, Michigan

Before you know it, your prioritization of art will become a habit and you’ll have built a body of work for yourself.

Now stop reading and go create.

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