Month: November 2020

Hempstead, Texas

Small Town Texas There was a brief period of my life when I called Houston, Texas home. Houston is an amazing city. As one of the United States’ most populous cities, it offers something for everyone. I’d moved there in 2009, when the recession was in full swing for much of the U.S., and was …

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Copper Harbor, Mich.

Also: Why Less is More with Photography Gear It’s usually at the five-hour mark of our nine-hour trip when our convoy of cars pulls over to eat something quick, fill up our gas tanks and stretch our legs and backs before continuing our travels northward. Our journey? Every year we make it a point to …

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Salton Sea, California

Forgotten but not Gone…Yet Water skiers buzzed by shorelines as they waved to onlookers from rich blue waters in California’s Coachella Valley. Meanwhile, picnics by the plenty were had under palm trees as vacationers and seasonal folks enjoyed all that could be offered in this Southern California paradise. This was what was advertised to attract …

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Why You Don’t Have to Travel Far to Make Great Pictures

It Started with National Geographic When I was just starting out with photography, my main source of inspiration—and countless other photographers’ inspiration—was National Geographic magazine. In its pages, you could be transported to a Hawaiian volcano, a Mongolian steppe or in an Italian village. Not only that, but National Geographic magazine and the photographers they …

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The Traverse City State Hospital

Exploring an Asylum When you think of an asylum for the mentally ill, you might think of old buildings with tall, decorative spires; wide hallways with checker-board floors; and of course, the residents who spent their time there. All of this existed and continues to exist today at the former Northern Michigan Asylum, which then …

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Iceman Cometh Challenge on 35mm Film

The Biggest Single-Day Mountain Bike Race in the U.S. The saying goes,”If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” In northern Michigan that weather could mean a 40-degree temperature fluctuation, rain, sun, snow…all of it, in one day. Add a 29-mile course of Michigan trails then combine thousands of riders and you have the …

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